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We are a Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy in Whitby. Our exceptional professionals have extensive experience and post graduate training. Services are focused on proficient hands on techniques and customized exercise programs to promote recovery in a timely manner. . Private clinic setting ensures you are receiving the proper attention with individualized one on one treatment.

We have received regular feedback from our clients in the difference that hands on physiotherapy treatments have made in their recovery. All physiotherapy services are performed by your physiotherapist without the use of assistants and clients are closely monitored throughout their session. Electric modalities are used when appropriate but hands on treatment is preferred and incorporated in to your treatment as much as possible.

Massage therapy services are offered by our massage therapist with extensive training in post graduate courses. This means other treatment options are available to our massage clients that can be done alone or in combination with massage therapy. These services include myofascial release,
acupuncture, and cupping.

Complete Therapy offers a wide array of quality rehabilitation professional services with a focus on individualized one-on-one treatment. We perform comprehensive assessments and service options are discussed collaboratively with our clients.

All services are provided by your rehab professional in your own dedicated space.

Certified Manual Physiotherapist on Staff

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Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy