Physiotherapists who have studied in Ontario have completed second-entry university programs. This means physiotherapists have completed a university degree with required prerequisites in addition to their physiotherapy university-based program. This provides a strong scientific foundation for the profession. Physiotherapists are the few health care professionals able to diagnose orthopedic conditions and, with post-graduate training, perform joint manipulations.

Our physiotherapists use a detailed knowledge of human anatomy, human physiology, pathology, biomechanics, and exercise physiology to help you recover. We use a client-centered approach to get you back to your daily activities, sports, and work duties.

Initial Assessments are booked as private one on one 40 to 60 minute sessions entailing comprehensive assessments to accurately diagnose your condition and identify underlying issues to help you achieve full recovery.

Physiotherapy Treatments are booked for 20 to 40 minutes involving a component of one on one treatment, individualized exercise programs, and re-assessment techniques to ensure you are responsive to treatment.

An array of treatment approaches include:

  1. manual therapy
  2. core stability training
  3. custom strengthening and stretching exercise program
  4. therapeutic ultrasound
  5. muscle release techniques